Saturday, May 21, 2011


This is my 300th post! WooHoo!
Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on my photos yesterday. I got a nice response from my mailbox shot. Guess I should have featured that one in the link up. Oh well. Yesterday was a nice day. Sun, light breeze, warm temperatures. Such a change from what it had been and what it is going back to. That's right, more rain. Tonight through, well the next 7 days there is rain in the forecast. When is enough going to be enough?
We recently got new cell phones. Our new phones have an app on them that allows us to see each other's location on a map. It is so cool! When Ryan is out hauling the pigs, I can see where he is, if he is heading home, or if he is still loading or unloading. I love it. I bother him less now, haha! And we have found that they really do make an app for everything. If you have a problem, there is probably an app that will solve it!
While I was outside yesterday I snapped a few pictures of the sky. Really the pictures didn't do it justice. It was pretty yesterday. Its got a haze to it today though. Clouds are supposed to be moving in.

This morning I dug out some of Dylan's old clothes to see what I could use for Ethan's summer clothes. There were a few things that matched up, but not a lot. I think we have shirts to get us through, but no shorts. They both need sandals for the summer too. I need to make a run to the outlet mall with both of them so I can get them. Dylan needs summer clothes too. I hate the thought of having to buy clothes. They are so expensive. I found Dylan's swimming trunks from our beach vacation. I hope they fit Ethan when August comes around. There I go again, thinking about that vacation!
Ok, have a nice weekend everyone...hey, can you click that icon on the side of the page once a day and vote for me?

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