Thursday, December 22, 2011

What are you serving?

Do you have your Christmas menu planned? I think I've got mine ready to go. So I wanted to share with you and maybe offer you some ideas if you aren't sure.
We are having Ham. I nice large, bone in Ham. The only way to serve ham is to serve one with a bone. It adds so much more flavor and helps to keep it moist. Mom is making a turkey breast also. Got to have a bit of variety just in case...its nice to have that little bit of everything. Mom will also make dressing. Not a lot, just enough because we know that not everyone will eat it. Of course we will have mashed potatoes and gravy. I am also adding sweet potato casserole this year. I tested it out a week ago and it was pretty good. I am using a recipe I found from You can find it HERE. I am changing it a bit though and will bake the sweet potatoes instead of boiling them. They just taste better that way. We will have corn and green beans. My Aunt is making noodles...from scratch. I am making deviled eggs as well. The recipe is loosely based on the one from Betty Crocker. I adjust the amounts a bit, and add some pickle juice for a bit of a bite. They turn out so good usually! And of course rolls! The rolls from a post I did a while ago and you can find it HERE. Although, I will make them smaller because of all of that food we are having!
Desserts will be brownies, pecan pie (that I bought from the store), sugar cookies, and dirt dessert. The brownies are a box mix. I have tried making brownies from scratch and just haven't gotten them right for some reason. So I am sticking with the box. The sugar cookie recipe came from Betty Crocker again. And if you want the recipe for the dirt dessert, or you just want to see what exactly dirt dessert is, well then go HERE. It came from Taste of Home.
I don't think I am forgetting anything....We have quite a bit of people to feed, so we usually do have a lot food around. I am of course hoping for leftovers as well. I look forward to the leftovers almost as much as the meal itself!
I would like to hear what you all are planning!


  1. I love the bone in the ham!! I think that is the ONLY way to eat it too!! Yum Yum!! Great Christmas Menu!!

  2. good christmas menu! i am making turkey noodle soup with mashed potatoes! :)

  3. Thanks Sara. Turkey noodle soup sounds soooo much better than chicken noodle. Turkey and noodles are great together!


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