Monday, December 26, 2011

How was Christmas?

The weekend really went too fast. Everything went great. Christmas eve dinner was a success. Almost everyone was there. We were missing a few people. Food was good, and there was more than enough. The boys were very happy with thier gifts. Christmas morning also went well. We got up, got the boys up and then opened gifts. While we were opening gifts, the cinnamon rolls were fnishing baking. When we finished gifts, they were hot and ready to eat. The boys loved them. It was a pretty typical Christmas. I am sad that it is all over so quickly. I really enjoyed it all. The boys love all of thier gifts, and I am more than thankful for everyone giving them gifts. Here are pictures from Christmas morning. I am not going to show the other photos from Christmas eve or the rest of Christmas day because there are other people in them. Enjoy!

I hope you all had a nice Christmas weekend!


  1. The Christmas season always goes too fast for us! I'm sad it's over! :(

  2. Exactly! There is always so much excitment leading up to it and just like that it is over...

  3. yeah, i can't believe how fast it went by!! looks like you had a great christmas!


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