Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tis the Season

I can't believe that it is December already. This year has flown by. So now that December as begun, I am so ready for Christmas. I have an empty corner in the living room begging for a Christmas tree. It will probably be some time before we actually get it up though. For one, it is physically impossible for me to get that huge box up out of the basement by myself. So Ryan has to be here to do it. Also, I can't get all 3 pieces together without his help. And for another, I'm afraid if I rush getting it up, I will get tired of it by the time Christmas sets in or I will get tired of being after Ethan for not leaving it alone. Granted we will set up a gate around it, but still. Nothing is Ethanproof. I still need to get Christmas gifts for people. And stamps for my Christmas cards.
Speaking of Christmas gifts...I know that not everyone enjoys buying Christmas gifts. Just so happens, I do. I enjoy *thinking* about what to get people. I want them to like it, there for I do my best to put a lot of thought into each gift I give. I may not always succeed, but if I give you something, you best believe that it comes from my heart. All I want when I give a gift is for that person to be happy with what they get. It kind of makes me sad when someone doesn't put thought into gifts. You don't have to give someone a gift if you don't want to. So if you are going to, why not put some thought into it? Sometimes the effort is worth much much more than the gift itself.

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