Friday, December 9, 2011


So the lasagna I made last night turned out great. The hard part was letting it sit and cool a bit before we could eat it! The whole wheat noodles worked perfectly and I wouldn't use anything else in my lasagna again. Along side the lasagna I made breadsticks. But not just any ordinary breadsticks my friends. No, these breadsticks were modeled after Olive Garden's breadsticks! We all know how good those things are, right?! So there is this other blogger out there calling herself The Country Cook. And she shared this recipe to her readers. So I got the recipe from her. And if you want the recipe, that's where you should go. But if you email me I can always give it to you also. This was my first time making breadsticks. So I was a little unsure about how to go about shaping them. And the recipe warns, to watch how big you make them because they do rise...a lot. So here is my finished product:

So yeah...mine came out more like mini loaves instead of breadsticks, lol. BUT! they tasted great. They were soooo close to the original. Next time, I will start with a much much smaller stick that I did this first time. But hey, all that matters is how they tasted right?! Light, fluffy and sooooo good.

Ryan got the tree out of the basement and I got it put up last night. Today during naptime/quiet time, I got it decorated. All that is missing are the gifts underneath. Speaking of that, I need to finish my shopping. Not everyone is taken care of yet and this month is going by fast. I did take pictures of the tree, which I will share tomorrow. Today was the first time in weeks I even picked up my poor camera.


  1. They were! That one in the corner is broken because I tasted them as soon as they came out of the oven!


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