Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Review

Not a whole lot to report. We did get the tree up. I went to hang the stockings on the wall with my 3M hooks (I love those things). I then realized that I didn't have but 1 of the sticky things that hold the hook on the wall. So right now they are sharing a hook until I get back to Wally World. The only thing we did this weekend was go to the firehouse for the Christmas party. That night was....interesting. Is that the right word? Anyway, Ethan was quite fussy. He didn't want anyone talking to him or touching him. He was fussy through the meal. He didn't eat well. I don't know. There didn't seem to be any obvious reason for his crabbiness, but usually there isn't. Meal was over and the kids were all running around playing and Ethan ventured away from Ryan and I...a little. He didn't play with the other kids though. He just watched, and entertained himself. Right before we were getting ready to leave he fell off of a chair an busted the corner of his eye on the corner of the computer cpu. Nice. The next day, and still, it looks like he was punched in the eye. It is black and blue all around, not just in the corner. I swear that kid has gotten more bruises in the last 6 months than Dylan has in his 5 years! This was a good one though. I was honestly a little afraid to take him to the grocery today. You know how people can be. Ive got a little kid with a black eye. I was afraid of what they would assume. But you have to do what you have to do.
Tonight Dylan has his Christmas program at school. I am looking forward to it. Ryan's dad is going to come down and keep Ethan here at home. I know that boy will not sit through the program, and I really want to see the program. I don't want to have to go sit out in the car with Ethan. I plan to record the program though. I have the camcorder up and ready to go. So people will be able to see the program if they'd like to. Dylan knows all of his songs. Between the little bit of practicing they did in class and the practicing we did here at home, he's got them down.
On Wednesday, I hope to get the boys up to the firehouse to see Santa. I know that Ethan will not sit on his lap, but I still want Dylan to see Santa. So that is the plan as of now.
Here is the Christmas tree!


  1. pretty christmas tree!! love the star. my hubby and i are going to his work christmas party this weekend. my parents are watching the boys, thank goodness, it would be CRAZY if we had to take them along. lol! :)

  2. Thanks! Luckily the fire department Christmas party isnt anything crazy, lol. It will be nice for you guys to have a night out though. I hope you enjoy it and have a nice time!

  3. beautiful tree. and I love how not-over-the-top it's decorated :)


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