Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yesterday it was partly sunny. I wanted to practice just to see if I would even be able to do the whole picture thing. I think that I can, as long as the boys cooperate. If I have the right amount of light coming in to the room, it will be fine. Again today its cloudy. So anyway, I thought I would share my practice shots. When it comes time to do the real pictures, I will dress them better. At least in shirts that go with the background better. I have an off white sheet and a green sheet that I am using. I think I like the off white much better though.

This one would have been nice if I didn't cut his head off! Note to self next time! Oh, and the flash was on in this one and completely washed him out. Ick.

That smile turned quickly and all of the sudden, practice was over.


  1. You can most definitely do it! They look great for practice!
    is it mean that the last one is my fav? so cute.

  2. No it's not mean! I like it too!!!


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