Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday went ok. I really didn't get much accomplished. I tried on so many things and hated the way they all fit. I bought 1 shirt. Yep that's all. 1 shirt. Part of the problem is that I have NO fashion sense. None at all. That mixed with my heavier than "normal" figure makes for a very frustrating trip to the store. Even though I didn't get much, I still enjoyed myself. It was nice to be out. Out without the kids. No one needed me for anything! I had a friend meet me for lunch. I got to eat in peace! I didn't have to scarf down my food and rush to clean up afterwards just to prevent crying. It was cold and rainy though! Yuck.
I made a side trip to a craft store hoping to find something that Dylan and I could do together. I didn't find much. The store was really busy, but at the same time, nothing really jumped out at me. Dylan tends to get easily frustrated with things, so I kept that in mind. And he doesn't like coloring. And I cringe a bit at the thought of the mess that paint makes. I'm not a creative and crafty person either. I'm always looking for activities that we can do together. Any ideas?
Its cold and rainy again today. I am kind of glad its raining this morning though. That means that when I go to pick up Dylan, he wont protest so much, because he will be inside. If he is outside playing when I come to get him, then he throws a fit. It never ends well. But who can blame him.
No plans for the week. Big surprise huh?

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