Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well last nights Bolognese Sauce wasn't as good as I hoped. It tasted fine, but really not much different from a jarred sauce. I expected a much deeper, richer flavor. I won't give up on a good Bolognese though. I will look up more recipes and try something with more ingredients. Not a total fail, but a little disappointment. Over the weekend I had made Ryan a Coconut Cream Pie. I told him it was his Valentine's Day gift. I can't stand coconut. Ick. But he likes it, so that's all that matters. I made this pie once before and once chilled, the meringue started to separate. It got a little watery basically. So I got online and started asking around, and was told that it was possible that the meringue wasn't cooked completely. Part of the trick there I guess is getting the meringue onto the steaming hot filling asap. I was a little slow on that part the first time. I was also given some tips to help make my meringue more stable. One of those ways was to find a thing called "Meringue Powder." So I just happened to come across it in the store that I was in and bought it. It is a super fine powder that you just add water to and then whip up. It did take a little longer to beat that the normal egg whites. But Ryan said the pie was great! So that was a success. I haven't given up on the traditional meringue, but until the powder is gone, I will use it. Even though I cheated a bit, I was successful. Here are 2 pictures of the pie. When I took these pictures the pie was half gone, so I had to work with what I had!

I also wanted to show the papers I am using to teach Dylan how to write. It is so frustrating on my part. I really don't know what I could do differently. Most days it is a struggle to get him to do the papers. We do 2 pages a day. Its not a lot. I don't think that I am asking all that much from him. But he is pretty resistant to it most of the time. There are days when he will do it without any issues, but not many. Today he spent most of the time whining about not wanting to do them. It took him an hour and 15 minutes to do what is pictured. Like I said he whines that he doesn't want to do them, or that he can't. But once he gets the papers done, he is so proud of himself for doing it. I just don't understand! Anyone have any ideas?


  1. The pie looked yummy!

    WTG Dylan, on the papers! It can be a pain getting them in the learning zone somedays. Try taking a short break after each line. Let him stretch or run around for a few minutes. Their attention spans are so short and those interruptions will be welcome to him. I also "grade" the girls' papers, drawing a smiley face or something on them with a magic markers once they're done. :)

  2. Thanks Amber. I will try that if he gets difficult. Never thought about grading them. He may like that!


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