Thursday, February 24, 2011

The other night (sometime within the last week) I made Tequila Lime Chicken. A recipe that I got from The Pioneer Woman website. It calls for you to marinade the chicken overnight in all sorts of wonderful flavors including tequila. I would be glad to post or link to the recipe if there is any interest, otherwise I wont bore you all with that! Anyway, the boys shared a piece of chicken without the marinade. There is conflicting reports about whether or not the alcohol cooks out of food when you use it. So better safe than sorry for the kiddos. I had very large chicken breasts that I just butterflied open and pounded out a bit before marinading. Ryan was conflicted on the chicken because of the cilantro. It called for a half cup of fresh cilantro, and apparently he thought that was a bit much. I on the other hand love cilantro. Its also supposed to be grilled, but in Ohio in February, that's not happening! At my house at least. So I used a skillet. Still tasted great and the chicken stayed moist.

Here is a pic of the chicken in the pan. Lots of good stuff from the marinade!

Here is the finished product topped with yummy cheese! The cheese adds a lot of flavor.

On the side we had roasted potatoes. A favorite of Ethan.

Oh, and speaking of roasting...have you ever roasted fresh broccoli in the oven? If not try it. You will not be sorry! It adds another level of flavor to the veggie. I think that you can get away with using almost no salt as well. It really is wonderful. And at my store fresh broccoli isn't anymore expensive than the frozen. The boys love it too!


  1. I love Tequila Lime Chicken! We make it without the tequila and it's still very good. The recipe I have is from the food network, I didn't realize PW had a version too!

    Please tell me more about roasting the broccoli! I just bought a bunch of fresh broccoli at the store. We usually just steam but I would love to try roasting it. How long and at what temp do you roast it?

  2. Yum! I seriously have no idea what's for dinner tonight. Can I come to your house? LOL!


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