Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sitting down and asking Dylan to do something structured has never gone well. Mainly I think its because its me that he is sitting down with. He seems to do well with his teacher at his school that one day a week. I have never had much luck though. Despite that, I am going to give it another shot and try. I am going to keep my expectations low, and keep it fairly short. So I finally found some traceable letter sheets online that I actually liked. I wanted to find a paper with minimal distractions on the page. So many of the ones I saw had pictures all over them along with the letters. So my intentions are to have him do those sheets everyday during Ethan's first nap.
Today was the first day of this effort. It went OK. Not great, but not horrible. He made it almost 30 minutes. The last five minutes I struggled to keep him still and focused. The papers have 2 rows of 5 uppercase letters and the same for lowercase. We did 2 papers of the letter "A". I will give "A" at least 1 more day, hopefully 3 though, before we move on to the next letter. He knows all of his letters. The challenge at this point is to get him to write them. I have tried it before, but not with the traceable papers. I'm hoping this attempt goes better than past attempts. So anyway, he managed 2 papers, but the last one was a little struggle. On the back of the paper I also had him free hand some letter A's. Not bad! Then we started to fill out his Valentine cards for his party on Monday. We will do a little at a time. Since I know that he cant (or wont) write his name, I make him spell his name while I write it.
Seems like I am going to have a problem with Ethan's nap though. This is the second day where he has slept less than an hour for this first nap. Dylan and I just barely finished what we were doing when he woke up. And now that he is up, he is in a horrible mood. Go figure.
Did I mention that I am going to attempt pictures of the boys? Like good pictures and not just snapshots? I keep waiting for a day when the lighting is right in the living room. I guess its harder than I thought to have a sunny day. So anyway, I am still waiting to do that.

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  1. Good luck with the photos! I hope you share them on your blog!


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