Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ugh. I don't feel well today. My tummy is just wonky. I can function but it just doesn't feel right. Last night was rough. Up all night with the sickies. We will just leave it at that, haha! Of course since I don't feel well, Ethan is deciding not to nap right now. Lately his naps have been hit or miss. I think he is getting closer to transitioning to just 1 nap per day instead of 2. Which would be fine with me, honestly. Id rather him just have an afternoon nap. But he still gets grumpy in the mornings, so I know he needs something, but when he is back in his room, he isn't sleeping. He has been back there for almost an hour and hasn't been asleep yet. Granted he isn't crying, just making noises. I guess he is at least resting. I really do wish he could make it all the way to 1 or so before he needed a nap. Like I said, I think that's where he is headed, but he still needs something in the morning. Yesterday was nice. Between groceries and picking Dylan up, Ethan napped for less than an hour in the morning. He did fine, until about 1. I put him down, and he was asleep in no time at all. He slept all the way till 4 or shortly after (I don't remember). He was a dream that evening! It was about 7:45 before he got fussy. Here lately I had been putting him down by 7 or so because he just couldn't function. Which also leads to an early wake time and starts a cycle of grumpiness. So since he went to bed close to 8, he slept until around 7:30 this morning, and he woke in such a nice mood. It was a nice change. Who knows what today will bring. It will all depend on that afternoon nap.
Tomorrow I may be able to go with another mom to a preschool I want Dylan to go to this fall. Ryan's mom said she would stay with the boys so that I can go. It will depend on if the other mom is volunteering for sure or not. Anyway, I am kind of excited to see the class. Dylan won't be old enough for kindergarten next year, so that's why I want him in a preschool. I am so excited for him to go. I hope this preschool works out. I have no idea how hard it is to get in. I guess it depends on how many people apply. They start registration in March. So if I go tomorrow, I will tell you about it!
Winter has made a return. Its below freezing and windy today. We had a few flurries this morning, but nothing big. I am done with winter. If I could have upper 70s to 80s all year around, with low humidity I would be happy. I hate the windy cold of winter, but also hate the high humidity of summer. I would also be happy having our land, but also have the beach on the other side. That way Ryan could farm like he does, but then be able to wake up to the ocean every morning. I can dream can't I?

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  1. That would be great! I love the ocean air. I hope he transitions easily to one nap for you! Good luck!


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