Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today's letter writing went a little better. I had Dylan do one page of C's and one page of D's. They were fairly easy for him to understand, so I was afraid making him do 2 pages of C's would bore him. It worked out. He would trace a couple and then would go into a speech about "When I get done with these I am going to..." and name various things he wanted to do today. He repeated that numerous times. But he made it through the letters without any frustration.
Last nights dinner was a little different. I made steaks (those are nothing new) with a whiskey cream sauce. So good! Butter, broth, onions, cream, and of course whiskey!!! YUM. I didn't take any pictures of it for a couple of reasons. One it is fairly boring to look at, and two, the crew was starving. Dylan was in and out of the kitchen every five minutes asking if dinner was done yet, and Ryan was hollerin from the living room that he was hungry. Anyway, it was good. There was absolutely nothing light or healthy about it, but that's ok every once in a while. The sauce had that wonderful whiskey flavor without the bite of the alcohol. I used the recipe from the website The Pioneer Woman. I have used a few of her recipes and recently bought her cookbook. She knows what she is doing, that's for sure! Along side I made sweet potato onion fries. They weren't crispy, but they still tasted good. They had salt, pepper, chili powder, and garlic powder on them and were tossed in olive oil. The chili powder really balanced out the sweet. I would make them again, but wouldn't waste the time cutting them into strips, instead would just chunk them.
Yesterday afternoon, Ethan was walking towards the coffee table in the living room with a block in each of his hands. He stumbled over another toy, and fell into the table. He now has a nice bruise on his forehead. Honestly I am surprised he isn't covered in more bruises. He tends to be very clumsy at times. And I don't know why he likes to carry things. He is always carrying something for some reason. Most of the time, it is a block or 2. Anyway, he cried for a while, but is fine. It wont be the last bruise I'm sure!


  1. Boys are so clumsy for sure! Jensen is ALWAYS hurting himself in ways that surprise me because they could have been so easily avoided. That's kids for you lol. Luckily he is not like me, because I bruise super easy, or he would probably have a few on his head too poor thing lol.

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