Thursday, February 17, 2011

This may turn into a very random post, so bear with me...

Picture day! Here are a few pictures of the boys all playing.

Ethan has a bad habit of taking Daddy's glasses off. So Ryan stuck them on Ethan's giant noggin.

Have I mentioned that I love food? I love cooking, I love reading cookbooks. I could talk about food everyday. My goal is to have an entire cabinet full of cookbooks one day. I just wish they were cheaper! Some of them are so expensive (in my opinion). But I am kind of a cheapo. There are a lot of things that I think are over priced, even though in reality they may not be. Anyway...While I love food, I try to control myself as to what I eat. Its no secret that I am not as skinny as I'd like to be, so I have some will power. Occasionally I will allow myself some sweets. When I do, I go to this ice cream.
It is sooooo good. I used to not care for mint. But while I was pregnant with Ethan I would crave it. Weird. So when I came across this stuff I gave it a try and wow! It has cookies crushed up in the ice cream! Its not your plain Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Its so much better! I am currently restraining myself from going into the kitchen to eat it. All. So that's why I am talking about it. I'm hoping it will keep me busy and out of the freezer, haha!
Tonight I think I am going to make hamburgers. Something fairly easy. And the highlight of the meal (for me at least) will be the potato wedges I am going to make. I get cravings all the time for potatoes. Mainly when they are roasted in the oven. I would make potatoes every night if the rest of the crew wouldn't complain about it.
Oh, and I was so disappointed today. Supposedly it is supposed to be near 70 degrees today. But there is some crazy wind out there. It feels nothing like the 50 some degrees that the thermometer says it is. I don't know how strong they are blowing but the house is creaking, so it must be strong. Stupid weather. It needs to make up its mind. We are still in winter, but its acting more like spring. Right now at least.
So not a lot going on. Ethan's bruise is darker, but usually that means its healing. He is starting to make me a nervous wreck. Walking is over-rated. He tries to move too fast for his little legs. His brain moves much faster than the rest of him.


  1. Oh how precious! Great photos. They are so adorable.

    Following you back now. I love your blog!

    Hip Chick's Guide to PMS, Pregnancy, and Babies


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