Monday, February 14, 2011

An uneventful weekend. I did have mom over for dinner on Saturday. Her birthday is later this week. I just picked up pizza and she got to spend time with the boys. It was a nice evening. Both boys were exhausted and were in bed shortly after 7 that evening. I was of course thankful, because I was tired too. Must have been something in the air! Dylan had his Valentine's party at school today. He was so excited to go this morning. He got to pass out his Valentine's to everyone. When we were headed home, he says " I love Valentines day." So cute.
After I picked up Dylan, I ran down to the car wash to get the winter gunk off of the car. I just used the automatic washer. Its warmer than it has been for a long time, but its not that warm. I'm not going to stand out there with a hose in this weather. Of course it scared Ethan, but his cries didn't last long. Once we pulled out of there he stopped crying.
On my grocery trip today I made sure to get the things I needed to make a Bolognese Sauce. I have been wanting to make one for such a long time. Its basically a from scratch pasta sauce. Slow simmered for hours. The house smells so good right now! I hope that when its dinner time, it tastes as good as it smells. There are quite a few variations to the sauce, so if this one isn't all that great then I will try another.
I do my best to cook nice meals everyday. I do cook everyday (its rare we go out to eat), but I wish I had more time to cook better. I am always trying to rush through recipes, because there is always a kid whining. Ah, speaking of whining. Ethan is now waking from his all to short nap. Great....

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