Thursday, June 2, 2011


Not a lot going on. Ryan is finally in the fields working. They are finally getting the corn planted and the rest of the ground worked. The kids are driving me insane. I can't believe that June is here already. I have no idea where the time has gone. May flew by so fast. The whole year has seemed to just fly by. It's kind of sad.
As you could see from yesterday's pictures, we do have hummingbirds. I tried my best to get pictures, but it was a little dark. I had to wait until the kids went to bed to take them. The birds just aren't used to us, and there is no way the kids would stay still and be quiet. I will try to get better pictures though. So far I have noticed a male and a female. I can't tell there is more than one pair or not. There are also ants on the feeder. Anyone know how to keep ants off? I sprayed the pole to kill all of the ants that were on there and then used vaseline on the pole to stop them...Hopefully. We'll see.
Also, remember the post about the candle I won in a giveaway? If not, you can go back and read by clicking HERE. Well I have been lighting it off and on when the boys are asleep. Today I was able to get the ring out of the candle!

Well here is the ring. Its kind of heavy!
Also remember the eggs with plants inside I told you we got the boys for Easter?

Well today, I finally remembered to get them open and hopefully growing. So I followed the directions and went to crack them open. They were stuffed full of soil or whatever it is. I thought they would only be half full. So it made it difficult to wet the seeds. So I just cut plastic cups in half and poured the stuff from the eggs into the cups and placed it on the window sill. Also, the bottom of the eggs are open, and only covered with a piece of paper with the flower name on it. Wouldn't it leak?

So we will see how it all goes. I am not the best at growing things.
I went out yesterday and took a few pictures. I will share them over the next few days. Also tomorrow is Foto Friday, so I am posting a picture you've already seen from strawberry pickin' but I edited and really like it. There will also be a few new pictures from that day, so please stop back by. If you could, whenever you visit, click that cartoon lady on the right side to vote for me. Thank ya!

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