Thursday, June 30, 2011

Do you ever?

*Disclaimer: I wrote this post last night. I just didn't post it last night. It was a long day. A hard day.*

I have been ending most of my days lately, feeling like a parenting failure. Why do I feel this way? Because I spend so much of my days after Dylan for this or that. I mean his offenses aren't anything HUGE but it all comes down to him NOT listening. He tends to get to rough with Ethan at times. I try explaining things to him. But it doesn't seem to work. He isn't always like this. And leaving the house and going somewhere isn't a fix either. I don't know. Obviously there is *something* that I am doing, or not doing. Do you ever feel like you fail? At parenting, or...anything really?

Wow, that was a downer huh?! Some days are hard. For me. Some days are pleasant. That pretty much sums up life though doesn't it? It's a phase. We will get through it. Right now though its a bit stressful. For me.

Do you ever have those days when it would feel fantastic to just lay in bed all day? Maybe lay there, watch movies and drink coffee all day. Wouldn't that be so refreshing? Or wouldn't it be nice to have a day where your 2 little boys get along all day? And didn't whine? All day? Ok, maybe that's just me.


  1. It's not just girls are 22 months apart (10 & 8) and fight like crazy - throw a 3 y/o into the mix and this house gets pretty darn hectic. Then my nerves get frazzled and I end up yelling, so yeah, I understand mommy guilt and always wish I had handled things better/differently. But, at the end of the day, I know my kids love me and they know I love them...

  2. Awww sweetie, you are not alone! I feel the same way about my boys and they are 7 and 5. Boys don't listen, they are wild, crazy, and impulsive. I haven't been able to add posts to my blog because I am exhausted. Between the fighting, yelling, screaming, complaining, I'm ready for the asylum. I can't say it gets better but it could be worse. I have tons of guilt but I wash it down with clear liquids and cheesecake!

    The Brainless Housewife :P

  3. You are not alone- I have days when bedtime just seems too distant frequently. My kids are 22 months apaet (1 & 3) so my house is often run by TODDLERISM... fighting, whining, complaining, wanting, tantrums... I often feel guilt about how I handle the situation and worry that because I yell (loud and frequently) that my kids are picking up on the same behavior. Being mom is hard work- rewarding but hard...
    ~MommySankey @ Surviving Motherhood


  4. Aww. You all are great. Thank you so much. Its a sigh of relief for others to say things like this. Thank you so much.

  5. I have two boys 16 months apart - 5 and 6. Trying to stop them from fighting is like trying to stop the sun from rising. We talked to our pediatrician, nurses, friends with boys, etc... it just happens like the rising tide. Our comments went from "don't hit your brother" to "don't hit your brother in the face" to "don't hit your brother in the face with the bat". It just happens.
    As long as they aren't being violent to other kids at school or in playdates, you are fine. Its totally normal. That doesn't mean don't punish them appropriately, just don't expect the punishment to make any meaningful change in behavior for 90 seconds. Only 16 more years till one is in college or 12 till you ship him off to a military school.

  6. Thanks for that. That all sounds very familiar!

  7. Don't worry about it. We all have our good days and our bad days. Right now I have a toddler who has trouble listening. We started with time-outs and now have moved on to spankings. So for the spankings are working, but they take awhile to do. (Yes, we have a spanking procedure.)

    Great blog. It's nice to see a blog from a fellow Ohioan.

  8. Thanks Sara. I feel your pain! I am right there with you.


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