Friday, July 1, 2011

Link up Friday

Here is my photo! I have been horrible about pictures this week. I think there were only 3 on the memory card. Wow. I can't get any better at taking pictures if I don't get my butt in gear and actually take the photos.

Do you know that I was up BEFORE 6 am today? And Ethan wasn't! I went to bed with a slight headache. I didn't take anything because I hoped that sleep would make it go away. That didn't happen. It woke me up before 6. Massive headache. I was almost in tears it hurt so bad. So I finally took something, and tried to lay back down, but it hurt to lay, so I got up. Now 3 hours later I still have it, but at least its not bringing tears to my eyes anymore. I am just going to try to relax this morning and hope it goes away. I don't want it to get worse.

Yesterday Ryan's mom came down to watch the boys so that I could go out and get the yard mowed. She then volunteered to take Dylan for the night! He was thrilled, and so was I. It was nice of her to take him. It gives him the attention he needs and gets him out of the house. Ethan and I just hung out around here. Ryan will finish up the wheat today. He hopes to get beans planted in the wheat field sometime next week. Saturday we have a family reunion to go to. Nothing that evening I don't believe. Sunday evening we are going to a cookout. I don't know how long we will stay, it all depends on Ethan I imagine. Monday, we have another cookout to go to around lunchtime. I already have a couple of posts scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, so make sure you check back! Its not often here lately that there are posts on the weekends!

Happy July! If I counted right, then we only have 1 month and 2 weeks until vacation time! Yay!!!


  1. I love that bold and bright green! And you did a great job catching that little hummingbird! Hope you have a great 4th weekend! :)

  2. Oh no! Hope you are feeling much better!!

    What a great shot...

  3. Oh no that sounds awful! I hope you are feeling better...

    Awesome shot!Great job capturing the hummingbird! Have you heard of This Moment a Friday Ritual by SouleMama the link is @ this post underneath the picture ...fabulous, fabulous site!

  4. Really nice hummingbird capture! They are having a hard time finding my feeder. I hope your headache goes away and you have a nice weekend.

  5. that is a great shot!
    hope your headache quits soon.

  6. I like how well you captured the hummingbird. I know that couldn't have been easy. Get to feeling better.

  7. I woke up with a headache too! Aren't they the worst?

    I love this shot though. Beautiful job.

    Marla @

  8. Thank you all for your kind words! I really appreciate it!

  9. I hope you feel better - headaches are the worst! I love that bright green background.

  10. thank you, Christina! Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! Hugs back!

  11. oh, what alovely photo! so cute!

    via Fabulous Friday
    Light Trigger: OUR ENTRY


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