Saturday, July 2, 2011

Something to check out! WonderDads!

There is a website out there called WonderDads. It is a pretty interesting site. You certainly don't have to be a dad to benefit from the site either. The site was started by a dad who wanted an easy way to find things to do with his kids. WonderDads is basically an informational site for 37 cities throughout our Fifty Nifty. They list different activities that Dads can do with their little ones in each of the 37 cities. It is broken down by types of activities, and even neighborhoods in each city, making it very easy for you to find something for you and your kids to do. They don't just give you the names of places. They give you a brief description, along with a phone number and website (if there is one). Along with the website they offer books as well. Of course you can get the actual guide books for your city or any city you may be visiting, but they also offer a few more. They offer board books for kids under 4, and coaching books for 4-14 years of age! Go over to WonderDads and check them out and see what you think.
Towards the end of July, this blog will be featured on their website in an article they are working on called "Favorite Blogs to Tell Your Wife About." Pretty cool huh?

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  1. happy 4th of july weekend! new follower from MBC.


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