Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Psoriasis Post

I have mentioned it a couple of times here and there about having scalp psoriasis. I let it go for a long time before seeking help from the doctor. I knew I had dry scalp, but wasn't sure what it was. Doc took one look at my scalp and said it was psoriasis. So he gave me a steroid cream to apply twice a day for 2 weeks, with an off week before starting another 2 weeks. He said if it controls it, that I can use it indefinitely. Boy that sounds like a lot of fun. Anyway. I have been doing some internet searching here and there about psoriasis. Ways to get rid of it or manage it. Without the steroid cream. I really don't want that stuff forever. If I have to, then fine, I will, but I'd rather not. The flaking is embarrassing, the itching is beyond annoying. The cream helps. But it doesn't fix it.
So anyway, back to the internet. There are a number of suggestions for helping to control the symptoms of psoriasis. One of those is to use a sulfate free shampoo. So that is where I am at now. I am on day 2 of the shampoo. I don't know if its working yet. I need to give it a couple of weeks. I mean, it surely isn't hurting me to use it. Its actually better for you in general. In the normal stores it doesn't seem like there are many sulfate free hair products. Some are pretty dang expensive too. Walmart has a brand that I got today to try out that wasn't too pricey. So we will see how it goes. With something like this, if it is going to help, it will probably take time. It won't be an overnight fix. What has me worried is that the psoriasis seems to be spreading slowly. Its starting to appear on my ears. I know that there are other people who have awful cases of psoriasis all over their bodies. And I really feel for those people. It has to be awful. Just having it on my scalp is bad enough. I couldn't imagine living with it all over.
Here is a site called National Psoriasis Foundation to check out if you don't know what it is. It is not contagious. Its likely some what inherited as well as a disorder of the immune system. Like so many other things, what causes psoriasis isn't completely understood. Stress is likely an additional factor. I get stressed at times! Thanks to the boys, haha! So can I blame the kids? Oh ok, I won't blame them for it. So I worry about it spreading, and I worry about one of the boys developing it. Especially Dylan. He had eczema so bad as a baby, I worry that he will develop it. He has some irritation in his armpits that I am watching right now. I am probably over reacting about it a little, but still. I pray that he doesn't develop this. I will feel so awful if he does.


  1. Thank you for sharing about your psoriasis. When i was diagnosed with it - i was like 8 years old... I had it pretty bad in my scalp... over time, (and Tar shampoos and a short steroidal treatment) it cleared up, but i do have it on my knees and on slightly on my elbows... but thankfully it is not bad - and only really flairs when im really stressed! so, as long as i keep my stress level down (lol, i have a 4 year old, thats hard) and get some natural sunlight (yes in moderation sun is good i was told)

  2. Thanks Amy. So sorry that you have had it since you were 8! I read the same thing about the sun. And I hear you about the 4 year old and stress, lol!

  3. Sorry about your psoriasis - hope you are at least feeling better.
    thanks for visiting me and commenting on my jewelry. I am trying to get good and its not real expensive and it also helps to have a coupon for you local craft store.


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