Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whiney Wednesday

Its raining here now with low distant rumbles of thunder. Its actually pretty peaceful. Well it would be if there weren't 3 different noisy toys going along with 2 kids squeeling and growling. I really wish it were naptime right now. It would be nice to lay down and just listen to...well nothing. The rain and the distant thunder. By the time they boys to to bed in an hour it will probably be over. While we were outside yesterday I snapped a few pictures of Ethan. He is getting used to the grass. He isn't 100% ok with it, but he tolerates it. Sometimes.

I sat down in the grass and he got brave enough to walk away from me after Dylan started to the barn. He stopped for some reason in the spot these pictures are taken in. He stood there for the better part 10 minutes. Not moving. Whining off and on. I sent Dylan over to take his hand and lead him back.Then we walked around the yard for a little while.
Before my camera died I also snapped a couple of pictures of the dog running. If I can get my camera to focus fast enough the pictures can be pretty entertaining. I had quite a few of them, but they were out of focus, so I am only sharing the few that turned out.

And here is the only picture I managed to get Dylan in before the camera died. He was off pushing his wheelbarrow around.

1 comment:

  1. Rainy here today too. A calm rain.
    I really didn't feel like getting up for work today. ha.


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