Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The longest day of the year

Today is officially summer! Ok so maybe that exclamation point at the end of the sentence wasn't really needed. It's been feeling like summer for quite some time. Today is no exception. It is hot. Humid. Blech. It is a very beautiful day though. The sun is out, and a breeze is blowing. I just prefer to enjoy it from inside where I can breathe.
Ethan was up bright and early this morning. Just like he was yesterday morning. Just like he has been for a few days. I am not a bright and early person. Ethan has been a 6 am, bright and early person lately. So yesterday I didn't put him down for his first nap. No big deal, because on Mondays he normally doesn't get that nap anyway. Today, I did the same thing. He had a brief window of crankiness, but to my surprise it didn't last long. I think it was more from boredom than tiredness. So he made it through that, and has made it through lunch. We will see how the rest of the week goes, but I would be fine with him giving up that morning nap. The only issue I have is that the mornings is  when I would jump on the treadmill. I have most of my energy in the morning rather than the afternoon. But it is just something I will get used to. I *could* get up before Ethan does in the mornings, but like I have said before...not a morning person. Who wants to get up at say...5 am? Not me. Not when I don't have to. The point of this paragraph? I hope that taking Ethan's first nap away, will eventually lead to him sleeping to at least 7 am.
I wanted to share this comparison last week, but for some reason I am just now getting around to it. So here is a photo (taken with a cell phone) from last year. July I believe.
And here is one I took last week. Time flies...

Switching topics quite a bit...
Watching 'Good Morning America' this morning they did a short piece on a new product that hit the market in Europe. Germany more specifically I believe. Anyway...I laughed when I saw it, yet at the same time I was a little grossed out. Remember David Hasselhoff? Baywatch...Knight Rider...America's Got Talent...those shows? Well I guess he is still hot shit in Europe. Who knew...Well, Del Monte just made a popsicle in his likeness. Yeah...WEIRD! I guess I find this so amusing because he kind of grosses me out for some reason. He always has. But I want to share a few links with you so you can see the....(wait for it....wait....) HOFFSICLE!
Here is a link to a tabloid artice from the UK... http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/tv/3619949/Britains-Got-Talent-judge-David-Hasselhoff-is-turned-into-an-ice-lolly.html
And here is a you tube video. And if you have missed hearing the theme from Baywatch, well this video will fix that for you, haha!


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  1. It's so cool to see how kids grow from year to the next. We did that recently at the aquarium. We went this time last year and in a year my daughter has changed so much! Happy summer...is it fall yet?



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