Monday, June 20, 2011

Guess What?!

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I have said it before...I am not a good weekend blogger. We do stuff on the weekends, yet we don't do much. Does that make sense? We went out to eat on Sunday with Ryan's family for Father's Day. I was happy to not have to cook! The boys did well. Ethan got a bit restless towards the end while we were waiting on the check, but I just took him outside and he was perfectly fine. We had a light dinner that evening, so it was a decent day. I got Ryan a couple of cookbooks for the smoker. I had Dylan give him one and Ethan give him one. Ethan really didn't want a part in the giving. He wanted nothing to do with even touching the book. Oh well, I tried!
Dylan had school today. He was as always, happy to go. Once we get home I fed them both and then they played. Dylan is completely wired. Ethan is getting sleepy. That combo is not good. They aren't playing well together right now. Oh! and I let Dylan stay in the clothes he went to school in. Not 10 minutes after being done with lunch, he was stretching and chewing on his shirt! Grr! Its been almost a week since I told him he can't wear shirts at home anymore. I don't know if its not working or if there just hasn't been enough time for it to work yet. Either way...its still frustrating. So I made him change.
It is raining here and there is thunder off in the distance. Again, it is so peaceful. I would love to lay down and rest once the boys go to their rooms this afternoon. But I really do need to get back on the treadmill. I didn't do it all this weekend. Saturday my back was hurting, so I used it as a rest day. Sunday I just didn't have much of a chance. So I must make myself get back to it!!
We don't have anything going on this week as usual. Can you believe that it is almost July?


  1. Sounds like a very relaxing weekend. :)

    Marla @

  2. I can not believe it is almost July. Where'd the year go? I don't blog on the weekends either. That's family time :)


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