Sunday, June 12, 2011

Im not a weekend blogger

Ever since the weather has gotten warm, posts don't always happen on the weekends. And if there are posts over the weekend, its usually because I have written them on a Thursday or Friday and scheduled them to post on Saturday or Sunday. This isn't a scheduled post though. I just have a few moments free.
I will go to pick up Dylan here in a little bit. I am sure he is enjoying himself. Friday after I dropped him off, I called mom to ask her if she would come over to watch Ethan so Ryan and I could go to dinner. So she got to spend time with Ethan and Ryan and I got a nice night out. We ate at a place we'd never been to before. The meal was ok, nothing special. A bit over priced. Oh well, it as still nice. I was a bit stressed out during the meal though, because on our way up, storms started popping up all over the area. I was worried about a bad storm coming through here at home while mom and Ethan were here. I kept my eye on the radar during the whole meal. I couldn't help it. Thankfully nothing bad came through. On our way up to the restaurant though, Ryan and I ran though a storm. The rain was very heavy, and it was hard to see. Then it started to hail. I thought for sure that the windshield was going to break. It was so loud! And I don't know how it didn't dent the car. But we came through it just fine. There were people crowding their cars under gas station canopies and pulling off the side of the road under trees to escape the hail. I would have done the same if I were driving. Not Ryan. He kept driving. It didn't phase him much. No idea how!

Saturday we didn't do a whole lot. Ethan woke up in a great mood. He napped well for his first nap. But he fought sleep the whole afternoon. He cried most of the afternoon. It was not fun. He ended up napping for less than an hour that afternoon. We went to a birthday that evening. Ethan did ok, but we still left early. I don't know. I had just had enough by that time. My patience was gone. We came home, and put him to bed. Finally some peace and quiet. So it wasn't a bad weekend. Kind of busy though. I am so glad Ryan and I got to go out. No plans for the week.

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