Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weird Wednesday

Have you heard the saying "You learn something new everyday."? Well this may be the time of your day that you learn something new!
Here's some weird or odd facts for you. Just something different here at the ol' blog!
I guess that researchers in Rome have discovered a whole crap load of...well, crap. Ancient crap! Back in A.D. 79, a volcanic eruption burried the town of Herculaneum in Italy. So they stubbled upon this and are now analyzing everything to get a better understanding of these people's lives back then. Here is the story if you'd like to actually read it. NatGeo.
Scientists recently discovered a new worm! Whoa! Yeah...So its a worm that lives way down in the dirt. Like miles down. Remember the movie "Tremors"? Kind of like that. Only teeny tiny. Read about it here: NatGeo.
Scientists are finding thousands of new species in New Guinea. From the time period between 1998 and 2008, they found over 1000 new species! Unbelievable. See photos and read about it here. NatGeo.
Did you know that there is a version of the ice cream truck for dogs? Well there is. Guess where. Cali! LA to be more specific. Check here for the full story.
Do you think someone can make a living by scraping city sidewalks? This guy says he can! He uses tweezers and small tools to scrape mud off of the sidewalks, and then sifts through the crud he finds to get the valuable stuff. Click to read more and see a video.
Do we really need science to tell us that whining is annoying? I don't. I hear it everyday and I am annoyed. No one needs to tell me that it is in fact annoying. Well I guess some people needed science to tell them that. Want to read the article? Click here.

Its been a rather whiny week here. And its only wednesday. Both boys are so whiny its ridiculous. Reading some of those stories made me laugh and at least took my mind off of some of this whining. Have a great day!


  1. I don't need science to tell me whining is annoying that's for sure! When my daughter was younger it drove me crazy! I used to tell her "I can't understand that language, in order for us to communicate you have to talk in plain English." She would say (in her best trying not to whine voice) "look I'm talking regular now, listen!" LOL Eventually she would stop, but usually not before I was nearly insane! LOL I still can't stand whining, especially when adults do it!

    Great post :-)

    New follower from Mom Bloggers.


  2. Wow, Sounds like my week! Only I've been spending time on MBC to try to get away from it! Hope you have a great day!


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