Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday with lots of words (haha!)

Like I said yesterday, Dylan went out with Ryan. Ethan and I ran out at dinner time to take them thier dinner. So on the way out I snapped quite a few photos. Ryan even took Ethan for a round in the tractor. Dylan had a moment of panic when I asked him to get out so Ethan could get in. I promised him that he would be able to go right back in the tractor when Ethan was done. He was ok with that. Here are a few pictures. I have more to share later in the week.

Dylan waiting on the 4-wheeler while Ethan rides in the tractor

Ethan and daddy as they pass by

Today was the second day this week that Ethan and I ran out on the 4-wheeler. He loves it. I thought he might be scared, but he surprised me. I took Dylan out a lot when he was Ethan's age and he loved it as well. Between the tractor and the 4-wheeler, we gotta start 'em early! 

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