Monday, June 6, 2011

A few things...

We didn't do much over the weekend. But it was a nice weekend. No big plans for the week. The boys are off and on moody and hyper as always. I have been staying up way too late in the evenings and waking very exhausted. I had been staying up waiting on Ryan to get home from planting. I need to start going to bed at my normal time. The 7 am wake up calls from Ethan are getting rough. Also, I gave in. I started my list for vacation. Wait, did I say "list"? I meant listssssssssss. Multiple. One for each kid, one for Ryan and I and one for general items. I also cleared the dining room table. (For probably the 4th time in 2 months.) I am going to use that to set items aside to take. I know we aren't going until August, but I can't wait until last minute to get it all in order. I will stress myself out and make it worse than it should be. So for sanity sake and so I don't forget anything, I am slowly adding things from time to time. Things we aren't using day to day. Leave me alone...that's just how I need to do things. Plus, I am totally excited, so this helps! Again, leave me alone...I can be weird. Yes.

Today I am going to link up with Chic Homeschool Mama for her Monday Rewind. It has been a long time since I've done this link up. Mainly because I forget. I forget a lot.

Oh! My camera strap tends to irritate my neck quite a bit and more so now that it is hot out and I sweat. So I got to looking around on the good ol Internet and of course they make something to remedy that. You can make camera strap covers. And there are a lot of people out there who make them as well. So after I looked around for those, I went to searching for a "how to" for making them. I did this knowing that "I" would never be able to make them. So I found a site, and emailed Ryan's mom. Turns out it is pretty simple (but certainly not for me who is sew deficient.) So I emailed her, she looked at it and voila 30 minutes later she had completed a camera strap cover for me!! She had left over fabric from a purse she made me a while back and used it. Perfect!
Here is the purse:
And here is the camera strap:
So now it doesn't hurt my neck!!!



  1. oh my word those strawberries look amazing right now!

  2. Gorgeous strawberries!!!!!!!!!! Drooling over your camera & the chic bag & strap!!!!!


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