Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nothing new. Dylan has been able to spend a lot of time in the tractor with Daddy. He comes in filthy dirty, and completely happy. Got a little more rain this evening. We got lucky though. It wasn't very much. Ryan said he was only about 1 hour or so away from having the beans all planted down here. So hopefully it dries sometime tomorrow just enough for him to finish down here. Then one more field after that, and then he is done until the wheat is ready to come out. After that, he will replant the wheat field with beans.
But like I said, nothing new, just keeping everyone happy. Both of the boys are well. Ethan is touch and go with his naps lately. Who knows why. I'm just going with the flow. He is sleeping decently at night for the most part, but naps are iffy.
Its been so humid out lately. If I am going to take this humid crap, I need to be within 1 mile of an ocean. And in case you didn't know, I am not. I want to be at the ocean. I was bored the other day, both boys were napping. So I got online and started looking at beach houses in South Carolina. If I had an extra 1.3 million, then I could have a nice large oceanfront house with a private pool. But if I wanted to save a little, then I could sacrifice a few bedrooms and only spend 700,000. If only I had the winning lotto numbers! I miss the ocean.
This post is just a bunch of rambling!!! Sorry!

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