Monday, June 14, 2010

We didn't do a lot this weekend. Saturday was rough. All day both boys were just, well, a nightmare. Dylan was doing everything he knew he wasn't supposed to do, just testing us maybe. Who knows. Ethan, was fussy times ten. He wouldn't take a decent nap so that was part of it. But that evening we had a birthday party to go to. I really debated on just having Ryan stay home with Dylan since he was acting so bad. But we all ended up going. Both boys were pretty good. Ethan was happily watching everyone, didn't fuss much at all. Dylan was well behaved as well. I was so shocked. I honestly saw a disaster happening. Ryan's theory on the evening was that Ethan was tired of being at home and needed new scenery. When we got home Ethan was in a better mood. Sunday wasn't too bad either, Ethan-wise. Sunday Ryan worked. Mom came over for a little while got to spend time with Dylan while Ethan was napping, and then while Dylan was napping, she got to spend time with Ethan without having a jealous 3 year old compete for attention.
Took Dylan to school. He did well. He didn't want to leave though. I almost had to carry him out of there, but he finally walked.
Going to lunch one day this week with a friend I used to work with. We haven't seen each other since 2009 I believe. I am taking Dylan to mom's and he is going to stay a night with her. He will be thrilled. It will also be nice to get out and have some adult conversation! WooHOO.
Just a quick post. Its time for Dylan to get up from his nap, and Ethan seems to be demanding to be entertained. I need to post pictures. Its been a while. Soon, maybe!

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