Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend was ok I guess. Boys were cranky overall. We went out to lunch on sunday. Dylan was hyper, but he ate well. He ate all of his food and half on Ryan's food. I took enough stuff to feed Ethan out of a bottle, and he refused the bottle, so I left the restaurant to feed him in the car. I missed most of the meal and conversation. Even after he nursed, he was still very unhappy. It could've gone better. Stressed me out a lot. Everyone enjoyed themselves. I wish I could've done the same.
Dylan had a good day at school today. He didn't fight me too much when it was time to leave. I did have to carry him out though.
Tried to give Ethan some more rice cereal today. No luck. So far he doesn't like it. I will keep trying. Today was only the second day of trying. If he doesn't like it then no big deal, I will just move on to something else. Dylan didn't care for it either. Once we moved on to the other foods, he was happy. Hopefully Ethan will do the same.
I am tired today. Ethan was up at 6. He gets to nap though. Mommy doesn't.

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