Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am still trying to get Ethan back to his good naps. Yesterday was rough. Not much success there. So today, he had a short morning nap, woke up cranky, and stayed that way. He is now in his room sleeping (I'm getting ready to jinx it) for an hour now. I put a radio in his room, and turned on the weather radio part of it. It is the only thing where the volume stays at a constant level. All normal radio stations change their volumes from song to song, and from music to commercials to the dj...Its annoying. So anyway, that is going on in the background. I am hoping that will be enough noise to help him sleep. See he seems to sleep ok, out here in the living room with noise happening around him. So I thought that maybe the problem, its too quiet. Fingers are now crossed that the radio will help. He has been so cranky this morning. He needs a nap.
Dylan had a good weekend. He got to spend time with his grandparents. Ryan and I didn't do too much. Relaxed a little.
I know there's more, but I don't have much time right now!

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