Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No progress on the bottle front.
Dylan had a good day at school. He only protested a little bit when I went to get him, so that was a welcomed change. The weather is finally cooler. It is absolutely wonderful. We didn't do anything over the weekend.
So I go to the grocery store every Monday morning while Dylan is in school. Its easier to just deal with one kid at the store rather than 2. Anyway, I go at the same time, every Monday, so the same people are always working, always say hi and all that. Well there is this one girl who bags the groceries every morning. She can't be that far out of high school. She looks pretty young. Almost every Monday she makes comments about Ethan still wearing those mittens that keep newborns from scratching their faces. Yes when in his seat, I still put those on Ethan so he doesn't rub his face off, or scratch at his neck. But she always make those comments, and to be honest I find it extremely annoying. So this Monday, I bought some more breast pads to go in my bra to keep my bra dry from leaks. Well that prompted her to make a comment on breastfeeding. She asked how old Ethan was, so I told her. Then she goes on to say "Oh, so you have a long way to go before you can stop breastfeeding then don't you?" At that point I must have shot her a look that said "excuse me?" She kind of took a step back and said "well that's what I hear, you have to breastfeed them for a year don't you?" I said no you don't have to breastfeed at all. Its just a personal preference. She then goes on to say "well it must work because my sister did it for a year and her daughter is a lot smarter than my nephew." Really then, I didn't know what to say. Thankfully she was done bagging my groceries so I was free to leave. I just said, well each kid is different. This girl has no kids, I do know that for a fact. And here she is preaching to a stranger on something she has never experienced for herself. It annoyed me quite a bit. But I'm not one for confrontation, so I didn't go on and say much more. I don't know why but it kind of struck a nerve. I guess I don't think its right to go preaching to someone about what they do with their kids. Especially on something as sensitive as breastfeeding or formula feeding. Like I said though, this chick has annoyed me before, so that's probably why it got to me.
So yeah thats all from me.

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