Sunday, May 30, 2010

Long day. Dylan left with Ryan this morning and spent part of the day with him planting beans. Dylan of course was thrilled. I spent the morning getting a few things done around here. And made lunch for Ryan's dad who was down here working ground. Sometime around 1 or so mamaw brought Dylan back. He was not happy because he knew that he was going to have to go take a nap. I had to carry him back to his room, while he was crying because he wanted to go back out in the tractor. Ryan and his dad are working on the fields around the house here. If everything goes right, they will be done by the end of the week for sure. So while mamaw was here I went outside and mowed the yard in the heat. Of course it got my allergies all fired up. That took a while though. Then got cleaned up. Dylan woke up from his nap and we took the 4-wheeler back to give the guys their dinners. And again, being out in the dust and weeds, got my allergies fired up again. Here's a picture of Dylan just hanging out in the tractor.

Ethan has been off today. He has been taking 15-20 minute cat naps all stinkin day. He normally naps so well. Not sure whats up with him today.
Tomorrow morning hopefully I can get to the grocery store. Somehow we are running out of stuff! Because of the holiday Dylan doesn't have school.
Speaking of the holiday I'd like to say, that I am thankful for the soldiers who have served our country, as well as the ones who are serving now.

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