Monday, May 24, 2010

Ok weekend. I guess. Friday we got some nasty storms in the area. Lightning struck somewhere close by and zapped parts of the house. We have electric everywhere but it must have came through the phone line. Our internet is spotty right now. Oh well at least we didnt lose any pricey electronics.
When I picked Dylan up from school he had diffent clothes on. From all of the weekends rain, a sandbox had a bunch of water in it. Well Dylan decided to play in it, and they said he had himself soaked from the neck to the waist. And his shoes were soaked, so they did change him. So I get him home, and tell him to take off the shoes and his dirty back up clothes. He starts throwing a fit. I start a load of laundry to wash the wet clothes, and he is in his room crying, loudly, Ethan who is still in his carrier in the living room starts crying. So on either side of the house that's all I hear is crying. I thought about climbing in the washer for some quiet time, but then again, its kind of small in there.
Oh well...Both boys napped. And now, well duty is calling, rather crying....Ethan is hungry.

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