Monday, May 3, 2010

Uneventful weekend. But it was a decent one. Saturday it rained most of the day and Sunday it rained all day. We stayed home all weekend. Sunday felt like such a lazy day, but it was nice. Dylan wanted to play in his room for most of the day, so Ryan and I were in and out of there at times playing with him. Other times he just enjoyed playing by himself. We put him to bed early last night because he had school today. But before bed last night he was running into his room, he jumped on his bed and smacked his forehead on a telephone that he for some reason brought into his room and placed on his bed. He hit it good too. It made a nice goose egg immediately. There was a small cut as well. We put ice on it right away and it went down a little bit. After we left him Ryan and I kept going in and checking on him. I think Ryan even woke him up at 4 this morning to check on him before he went to work. When he got up this morning, the swelling was all gone. All that is left is a bruise. And I think the bruise is getting darker as the day goes on. But he was still ready to go to school this morning. When I picked him up from school today they were all outside. One of his teachers said that they had all been passing a worm that they found around. Yuck. Dylan was muddy and wet on his knees and butt from being on the ground. But oh well, he had fun. That's what matters. He didn't fight me though when I picked him up. He was ready to go. I think he is tired.
I had to replace all of the medicine I had for the boys. There was a big recall on Mortin, Tylenol and Benadryl. No refund in sight either. So I bought Kroger brand stuff this time. Dylan needs that allergy medicine this time of year. No plans for this week. I will try to get out and vote on Tuesday. But that's probably about it.
Ethan slept well last night thankfully, because I was tired. The night before he didn't sleep so well. I swear there is no rhyme or reason behind this kids sleep. I will never figure him out.

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