Friday, May 14, 2010

We stayed busy this morning. The boys and I ran errands in town. We only managed to get to Walmart, but that took forever. That store is a mess. They are re-arranging it. And as much as I hate the hassle of going to walmart, they are making it worse. Anyway, we got most of what I wanted. We came home and I got a few things done here. We were outside for a while, and ever since then I have had a massive headache. No idea what is in the air today, but man.
Mom is taking Dylan tomorrow. Dylan will be happy and so will I. We will take him over after lunch tomorrow and pick him up around lunch time on Sunday. We have a birthday party we have to go to on Sunday. Not sure what Ryan and I are going to do if anything. I would really like to get our garden planted. We have yet to do that, but it still needs work. It has been so wet here for so long we haven't had a chance. If it gets much later, there will be no point in it. I've got the stuff for potatoes, green beans, peas, lettuce and carrots. We've also got sweet corn, but that we do every year. The animals will probably get to everything we plant though. It may end up to be a free buffet for deer, raccoons and rabbits. Oh well, we will give it a shot.

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