Monday, May 17, 2010

First, I don't know if I mentioned it or not, so I'm doing it now. Ethan is rolling over. He has been for about a week maybe a little more. Mainly it is from back to belly, but he can, if he really tries go from belly to back. But now when you lay him on the floor, he almost automatically rolls over. Unfortunately at that point, once he is on his belly he becomes very unhappy. Also he can get himself out of the bumbo seat. He can get one leg out so far and then use that leg to push himself right out. So we aren't using it much anymore. Maybe we will revisit the bumbo a little later.
We stayed busy this weekend. Dylan stayed with my mom on Saturday. I took him over after lunch. Since I was there I stayed a while of course to talk, and so mom could see Ethan. Mom had Ethan, and Dylan was standing by me. Well he turned to me and told me that I needed to go home now. I think he was a bit jealous that his Mamaw had Ethan. He gets possessive with his Grandparents. Anyway, he enjoyed himself. Mom said he was good. But I don't think she would tell me if he wasn't. Ryan and I went out to dinner that night. It was nice. Ryan's parents watched Ethan for a couple of hours. I went back and picked Dylan up on Sunday morning. Then we had to go to a birthday party for a little girl. It was a bit of a drive so we were gone for most of the day. Dylan was worn out, and so were we. Before we left to go to the party, I told him to use the potty. But he said that he didn't have to. Well, we got to the end of the road and he said he had to pee. Ugh. So Ryan stopped somewhere for him to pee. Silly boy. I'm sure that is just the first of many of those "I didn't have to go then" moments.
It rained almost all night I think. It finally stopped at around 9 this morning. It is cold and wet. It would be a good day to just stay in the pajamas and sleep. But I took Dylan to school and got groceries. The only thing we have planned for the week is Ethan's 4 month checkup on Wednesday. We didn't get the garden planted because it was still so wet. Oh well.

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