Thursday, May 20, 2010

I didn't feel like saying much yesterday. I was a little tired. I have been putting Ethan to nap in his crib for his morning nap. It hasn't been too consistent, because we haven't been home in the mornings a lot lately. But when I do, he sleeps usually for at least 45 minutes which is a big help, because then he isn't grumpy from the lack of sleep. For his afternoon nap, I usually keep him out with me, because Dylan is napping in his room, so it's quiet. I think the crib is more of a step for me than it is for Ethan. I like having him close to me. I feel that way, I have more control over the situation...I don't' know....its just me. Ethan is still in a pack and play in our room at night. I'm still waiting for him to be consistent at sleeping well before I move him. There are nights where I get up and give him a paci, to keep him from fussing himself totally awake. I certainly don't like the idea of walking the stairs many times a night for just a paci!
I moved another bigger toy into Dylan's room. He goes in there periodically through the day to play. He does well. He really enjoys playing in his room. We put a rug on part of the floor, so he will be a bit more comfortable playing on the floor. I'm proud of him for playing in there so well. When we moved him in there we didn't know what to expect, so I'm glad it's going so well. It's nice that he can have his own space that is just his.
Ethan changes so much in just a few short days. He started rolling a few weeks ago. Now he is a rolling fool. Every time he gets put down, he rolls. He rolls onto his tummy and raises himself on his forearms to look around. He is staying on his arms for longer and longer periods of time. He also manages to get his knees under himself and pushes his butt up. If he could get up on his hands, he'd be gone.
Dylan is getting better and better about telling me things that have happened in the past. His details are getting better. I still have to draw it out of him at times, but he is responding better. As long as you ask the question in the right way, he will give you the type of answer you were looking for. If I don't get the question right the first time, I will ask it again in a different way. I know sometimes that I am not so good at asking it so he can understand, so its a learning process for me as well.
When I sit and watch Dylan I find myself wondering what Ethan will turn into. When Dylan was a baby, I had no idea what to expect from a 3 year old. He is definitely interesting. The things he says and conversations we have at times can have me wondering how he comes up with the things he says. A 3 year old can be the funniest thing at one moment and the most frustrating the next moment.

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