Monday, January 2, 2012

A few weeks ago, I was contacted about selecting a product from and doing a review of my selected product. is a clothing retailer. But what makes them different from other clothing retailers is that you can select the product as is (just like any other retailer) or you can select the garment, and then customize it to your measurements! They provide clothing for women in sizes 0-26, with the ability to customize each of those sizes to YOUR size. If all of that sounds like too much trouble to you, well of course you can still order your size without the customization if you choose. eShakti can be easily found on their Facebook page HERE. And honestly judging from their facebook communications, they are very personal. They read everything and respond to nearly every single post on their wall. Of course there is always Twitter too! Check them out HERE
So I chose this garment HERE. I chose not to customize it. But that is just me. I was afraid that if I tried to measure myself I would somehow mess something up, lol! So it got here fast. I opened it, and tried it on. It fit nicely. But one of the first things that I noticed about the shirt itself is that it is a thick fabric. It was 100% cotton. And thick cotton. Not cheap stuff. Nicely made. That surprised me. So I took it off and washed it. Knowing how cotton can easily shrink, I read the washing and drying instructions on the tag in the shirt, and prayed it wouldn't shrink. After it was all done, I tried it back on and it did shrink a bit. Not all over, but just lengthwise. So its not quite as long as it was. If I raise my arms, it comes up and shows a bit of my tummy. That makes me a bit uncomfortable. But it is still very wearable. I will just stick a cami underneath to keep any skin from showing if I raise my arms. It just makes me feel a little more comfortable. Aside from the little bit of shrinking, it is totally fine.
Here is a pic of the shirt.
and another pic close up of the neckline.

If you looked at the original photo on the website of this shirt, and then my photo you will notice the neckline. It looks different. It isn't as flowy as the website shows. And no matter what I did, I could not get it to look just like the website.
Like I said, the shirt is nice and thick. Its not cheap. And the color is very pretty. I don't see the color too often, but do have 1 other shirt in that color and really like wearing that color. I would love to be able to get the neckline to look like the website. Maybe it was sewn backwards. Meaning, the shorter end of the ruffle should have been sewn on over the longer end, rather than under the longer end.
Do check them out though and give them a look. Especially if you have trouble finding clothes that fit right. Their ability to do custom sizing is what makes them special.

*Opinions are all my own. I was not given any money to do this review. Simply provided with a product of my choice in exchange for posting a review*

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