Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coming out of the fog

I think we are finally getting past this nastiness. It was an awful tummy bug, that's for sure. Dylan hasn't been to school all week and I will say, its driving me a bit insane that he hasn't been to school much since before Christmas!!! And now we have a bit of snow on the way. If the local schools are even on a 2 hour delay, then the preschool is closed. So there is a good chance that will happen tomorrow. And then again, they don't have school on Monday. Blah.
I havent been working on my Project 52 either. I have yet to take a photo for the week. Its a good thing that I didnt start out trying to do a 365 project. There is no way I could manage a photo a day! Maybe the bit of snow we get over night will turn out to be a pretty scene around the area.
Hopefully the rest of the week and weekend continues to improve and that next week, we can get back to normal. But I am happy to say, that we are feeling better!

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