Friday, January 6, 2012

Foto Friday! And 1/52

Its been a very long time since I have taken the time to link up for all of the great link ups happening today. Actually its been a while since I have felt like I have anything worth sharing. So first, a few of Ethan. He got a toy computer type thingy for Christmas, and carries it around from time to time and acts like he is working. He will find something to sit on and have his computer on his lap. So cute! And needless to say that I was able to make my photo for my Project 52.

And here are a few that I snapped this morning. First day in a while that we have had a lovely sunny day! So now to the link up and Project 52.


  1. Love them all- hahah about your little business man! So cute!

  2. Nice shots. :) We have that same Leapfrog phone in your first image. It was a Santa present and my toddler loves it!

  3. That second photo is so adorable of your little guy in his make believe office. :)

  4. Lovely photos. The picture of the grasses next to the building has beautiful color and light. Thank you for sharing!


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