Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weekend+half week review

Well I had originally planned to share a photo or 2 from Ethan's birthday, but there are other people in each one, not just Ethan. Oh well no big deal. In your head, just picture a 2 year old boy trying to blow out 2 yellow candles that are stuck into 2 cake balls, and then shoving halves of them into his mouth. There's your pictures!
It's been a relatively slow week. We are finally back to our normal routine. Yesterday was my day to be in class with Dylan. It went well, it usually does. After those mornings though, I am so stinkin tired! We got home a little later than we normally do. Ethan went straight to sleep and Dylan went to his room to rest. I laid down on the couch and nearly fell asleep..again. I say again, because that has been the name of the game these last few days. The day before yesterday, I just fell asleep after the kids went to their room in the afternoon. Then, this morning, I fell asleep while the kids played. I can't help it. It is almost uncontrollable. I didn't sleep long this morning, but I do remember dosing off.
On top of being so tired, I have had little patience for anything. But that is probably because I am so tired. I'm sleeping halfway decent at night, so I'm not sure where all of the exhaustion in coming from. I don't think it helps that while we haven't had much of a "winter" it has been so dark and gloomy. We haven't had that many sunny days. It does take a toll on your mood. It hasn't been all that cold or snowy, but rain. Rain every week. Cloudy nearly every day. I would take cold and sunny any day over this pattern of above average temps and gloom.
As of Tuesday, Betty, the new kitty has been with us for a week. Things are a bit more settled now between her and the other cat, Max. For days, Max would run under the couch anytime he saw her. And there were a few times where we had to carry Max to the litter pan so he could do his business and eat dinner. It was a bit ridiculous. So one day, I got out some of the baby gates that we had, and blocked the back of the couch so he couldn't run under there. Sounds mean, I know, but ya know what? It worked. It forced him to stand up for himself. Now, they semi get along. They aren't curling up together for naps or anything, they halfway play together and they no longer growl and hiss at each other. So after only 1 week, Id say things are pretty good between them.
That's all for now. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow.

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