Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A ten year journal!

Recently I was informed that about a product called Journal 10. It is a journal that has enough space for writing 10 years worth of entries! At first I thought that there was no way I could do a big journal entry everyday. I can't keep up this blog everyday. So I went to the Journal 10 website to check it out and was totally surprised. And in a good way. Yes it is a journal. But its different. It gives you just enough space for a few sentences a day and that's it. No pressure to fill up a full page per day. Just a few lines! I was excited to get this.

So when it arrived, I opened it and flipped through it. There are a lot of extras in there too. There is a section called "Looking Ahead" that you can record your goals for you or your family each year. There is a section where you can keep track of your appointments for many different things. You can record special dates that you want to remember as well. And even an address book!
Now to the main part of the journal. There are about 4 lines per day. So all you need is a couple of minutes to record the highlights or even low lights of your days. If for some reason, you would want more space, there are pages towards the back called "carryover pages" where you can pick up where you left off and continue. They make it easy to record the page number of your carryover pages as well, so there is no hunting for your entry. I got it a few days after the new year, so I went back and did my best to remember what was going on and recorded it. Since then I have done very well at keeping up with it. And because there are only a few lines, its perfectly quick. That's what I like about it best. No pressure to fill a big empty white space.

My first thought when I got this journal was "I wish I would have known about this with each pregnancy!" How great would it have been to record your daily happenings during pregnancy, and then throughout your kids life. And give each kid their book when they get older. I would love that! So honestly, keep it in mind for a baby shower gift.
Like I said earlier, I was pretty thrilled to get this. I have such an awful memory. It is perfect for someone like me. Those little details wont get lost somewhere in my mind now.
If you would like to read more about the journal, go to their website journal10.com. While you are there, read some of the testimonials and see how others have used their journals. Honestly, wish I knew about this years ago.

*All opinions are my own. I was simply given this journal for review. I was not paid.

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