Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Slow Week

Its only Tuesday. Yesterday must have been the slowest day in history. Tomorrow Dylan finally goes back to school.
I sat down to write this post and it has taken me 10 minutes to write that first sentence. I am so fricking tired. So now I decided to cut it short. We converted Ethan's high chair to a booster last night before dinner. Dinner was a little distracted because it was something different and he kept pushing away from the table. But lunch today was much better. Here are a couple of photos. I made spaghetti for lunch. And because of that, lunch was immediately followed by a bath...

Sorry they aren't the best quality. They were taken quickly with my cell phone. And I swear that MY phone takes the worst pictures ever. I have so many issues with this phone....I hate it. Anyway, notice in the first picture, he has a fork. He just doesn't use it. I remind him everyday. And he listens for 2 bites or so and then goes back to using his hands...Dinner is never clean around here.


  1. it really does feel like a slow week! owen never uses a spoon or a fork, he throws it on the ground. haha. our meals are always messy too!

  2. My phone takes terrible pics too.
    Hard when it's easy to have that one hand and not a big camera.
    I hope you get some good rest!!

    BTW :I found your blog through Seeing Purple Star's blog :)


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