Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random post

First, I am tired. Not sure why really. Just physically drained. I haven't been doing what I should be doing, because I feel so wiped out. Second, my patience is so very thin right now. But I think that goes back to the first part.

Ethan's birthday party is this weekend. I am keeping it small. Ethan's Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents. I just don't have it in me to go big. I feel guilty about that, but at least we are having something for him. I finished the cake balls for his party today. Don't know what those are?  Will post about them later.

I am hungry. I ate lunch. But still hungry. And a little thirsty.

Tuesday afternoon we adopted a cat from the shelter. Back in the fall one of our 2 kitties passed away. Since then we have missed having that second cat around. We are definitely a 2 cat household. But no more than that. So we had been looking at the local shelters in the surrounding counties via We had been looking for a while but weren't sure if we should get one. We were all set to go get one last week, but found out she had been adopted. So we kept searching. We came across another listing for a couple. So we went to go meet them and make a decision. We met 2 cats and made our decision. Her shelter name was Bootsie, but Ryan re-named her Betty.

She seems to be adjusting well for only being here for a couple of days.

Dylan has been a handful lately for some reason. But I am hoping that it starts to get better since he is finally back to school. Between the long break and then that stomach bug we all had, he had been out of school for near a month! So I'm hoping it gets better.

The dog is sleeping...and dreaming. She is barking and growling in her dream. I can't imagine what that dog would have to bark at. So it must be an interesting dream!

I am making an easy dinner of hamburgers tonight. But I get bored with just plain hamburgers. I just cant seem to find an awesome hamburger recipe. Why do they taste so much better in the restaurants?


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