Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekend Review

Saturday, New Year's eve went well. It went from a 'nothing' night to a fun evening. That afternoon was the same time my headache started too.
Anyway, like I said it was a nice evening. That afternoon we ended up getting a couple of phone calls that others would be joining us. So we all made a plan on the phone and it turned into a party. Everyone brought something. I made a dip and went and got  few pizzas as well. Kids played, watched a movie and the 2 younger ones crashed out before midnight (duh). The guys spent a bit of the evening in the kitchen chatting and the girls hung out in the living room. All of the kids were acting pretty good and even left their mommas alone so they could relax as well. Ethan had a meltdown around 9. So I put him to bed. He was a little over tired and overwhelmed so he cried for a while before he actually fell asleep. The rest of us actually made it to midnight to watch the ball drop. Unfortunately as the evening went on, so did my headache. Nothing I did was going to get rid of it.
By 12:30 we were in bed. And as tired as I was, I still had an awful time sleeping. That's been the normal for so many months now and I hate it. It didn't help that that headache wouldn't go away. Ethan only slept until about 8 that morning on Sunday. I was tired. So was Ryan. But he still had a few things he had to get up and do that morning. I think the boys were still pretty tired too. The combo of the cold they had and being up late the night before had them a little slow. Dylan watched a couple of movies that morning and Ethan wined off and on before he laid with me a little on the couch. And yes, I still had that headache. Day 2 at that point. We were supposed to leave that afternoon to be at a birthday party for a nephew, but something happened and Ryan wasn't able to get away, so we were unable to make it. I laid on the couch praying that my head would stop pounding and the boys went down for a nap. Ethan slept a long time that afternoon. Much later in the evening I ended up going to get groceries while Ryan was able to stay home with the boys. Bedtime came and I sat down with a cup of caffeine free herbal tea, hoping it would help me relax enough to sleep well. Still with the headache.
Sleep wasn't coming easy again last night, but I was sooooo tired! Today the headache has eased a bit but it is still there. I have stopped trying to take anything for it. It will just have to go away on its own. Its has been a little while since I have had a 3 day headache. But it is nothing unusual. I think it is totally hormonal. Damn hormones.
Overall we had a nice weekend and a great New Year's eve. Today it has been snowing and blowing all day. It is very cold out. I am so glad that we didn't have to leave the house today. Dylan starts back to school on Wednesday but is off the next 2 Mondays as well for different reasons. He keeps asking when he is going to go to school again.
I think that I am going to try something new. There is a thing out there called Project 52. Where you take a photo each week no matter what. Some people have weekly themes and some don't. I am just trying to make a goal for myself to pick up that camera each week. I have lost so much motivation lately that there has been weeks where I haven't touched it. I just haven't been doing something that I really enjoy and its awful. There are 365 projects out there where you take a photo every single day for a whole year, but I don't think I could stick to that. So I am going for at least 1 photo each week. I'm not sure what day I will share it on here yet. We'll see how it goes. I did take a few pictures today of Ethan being a goober. So we are off to a decent start. I can't promise that they will be good photos,but at least I will make an effort.
I hope you all have a nice week!

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