Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Review

Saturday went well for the most part I guess. I dropped Ethan off with Ryan where he was working. So Ethan got to spend the whole day with daddy, and he seemed to enjoy it. Dylan and I headed into town to go to the library book sale. We got there about 45 minutes into the sale and I was surprised at how many people were there. I had no idea that it would draw people out like that. We made our way inside to find it packed with people. Some people were toting around 2 entire boxes of books that they were going to buy. Insane! People were rude too! They would push you aside with out so much as an "excuse me" or "sorry." I even had Dylan with me. They didn't care as long as they got their stupid book. I went to hopefully get some cheap cookbooks. By the time I made it around to the cookbooks, they were all picked over and what was left was in a messy heap. I did buy a couple. They were older books and binded in a 3-ring binder type book. Even if I don't get a recipe out of them, they were only 50 cents! I just love having cookbooks though.
After we left the sale, I had to take Dylan to meet up with Ryan's sister. She was taking him for the night. He was excited. We stopped for lunch with quite a bit of time to kill. It was busy! People were everywhere that day. We had a nice relaxing lunch and then I dropped him off. I headed towards home just wanting to come home and relax. Ryan had me stop for a few things and then I went to get Ethan. He was content and happy. And quite dirty. So as soon as we got home, I stuck him in the bathtub. There was no way he could go to nap being that dirty. Once I put him down for his nap, we was out in a second. We just had an easy dinner of leftovers and relaxed here at home together.
Dylan will be home later this evening. I have been cleaning all morning. Nothing stays clean in this house for long. As soon as one room is spotless, 2 more look like a tornado hit. Its never ending. So I got quite a bit done this morning while Ethan played. Tomorrow Dylan has picture day at school. I need to do my best to keep the house clean for this weekend. Saturday will be Dylan's birthday party. I can't believe that he will be 5 years old! I need to go get the food for the weekend too. Friday he has a field trip with the school. I hope the weather is decent. They say that they will go rain or shine. So I am really hoping for a dry Friday. It may be a busy week! I wish that I was looking forward to having his birthday party. But for some reason, I just am not. I know it will go just fine. Just not looking forward to it. I feel awful for feeling that way, but I think it just has to do with my struggles lately. Dylan would be happy no matter what, as long as he had a cake. I hope everyone had a decent weekend.

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