Thursday, October 13, 2011


I've been seeing photos lately of the changing leaves in the northern New England states. I swear we get cheated in Ohio. At least we are teased. We get the changing leaves and all, and some trees are gorgeous. But we never get color like they do up north. All of the colors are much much more vibrant. In my area of the state, I haven't been all that impressed so far this year. Most of the trees just seem to be losing their leaves right when they start to change. I would love to take a vacation one year up there and see those gorgeous colors.
I wish we could have 70 degree days plus the changing leaves. Part of me enjoys fall, because it brings in the holidays. What I don't enjoy is that for us, here in Ohio, it means colder weather. It all leads to snow. I am not a fan of cold weather. I would like to venture out on Thanksgiving day wearing t-shirts and jeans. That is great weather. One exception I would make it on Christmas morning. A light dusting of snow, that covers nearly all of the grassy surfaces. I can complain about the cold weather, but I still hope for snow every Christmas morning.
Do you look forward to the holidays each year?

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  1. I love love love Fall in California. If it doesn't rain it's like heaven on Earth. The weather is just perfect and those colors... OMG... I can't put my camera down... just beautiful... . You should come here sometime instead of to New England ;)


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