Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Picture Post

We had a decent weekend. My mood could be a bit better, but overall a pleasant weekend. Saturday we had Dylan's birthday. He enjoyed himself. Ethan was a turd and spent half the time in his room. So lets talk about Sunday!
Sunday I went with a friend of mine and her kids to a pumpkin patch. The boys already had their pumpkin from Dylan's field trip. So we didn't need to worry about that. We were just there for the fun. Both boys had a lot of fun. We weren't there long, because it was getting sooooo busy, but we were there long enough for them to have a lot of fun. Here are the pictures!

As you can see, neither boy really paid much attention to me. I have so many pictures of them looking away and of their backs, haha! It was a bit chilly out, but no one noticed. I was worried that Ethan wouldn't stay near me, but he did great.
This week is a bit slower thankfully. I am kind of tired of running around and spending money on gas.


  1. First picture is awesome. Love it!
    I jelaouse of your trip. We didn't go (and not going to) to pumpkin patch. They are too expensive here. We just can't afford that. too bad. maybe next year. I know that my daughter would enjoy it. Still I think that she is too young to remember anything and skipping one year won't make a big difference :)

  2. For the record, this was the first year Dylan has gone to a pumpkin patch. Im one of those one's that doesn't see the point in it until they can remember it and talk about it a little. Dylan just turned 5! So I understand what you are saying. Luckily all of ours are free admission!

  3. that's what I think, but my hubby is all about going and doing all the stuff with her. Sometimes I think that he just looks for an exuse to play ;)
    I always go for pictures and it's my exuse go to to new places, so now going to a pumpkin patch would be more like for us not for


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