Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday is here again

I really wasn't ready for Monday. This was the first morning in a long time that at 8am, Ethan was NOT screaming his head off to get out of his crib. To get out the door in time, I had to get up and get everyone up. I could have slept for a little while longer. Tomorrow? He will be up at like 6:30. We didn't do anything this weekend. I was glad really. I didn't really feel like leaving again. So we didn't.
Ryan tried to get some more beans in, and was planning to do more today, but it rained this morning. So no go on that one. Tonight is my last photography class. After this it should be a pretty easy and quiet week. No places to appointments. Just preschool and back.
Since there isn't much happening right now, I want to share some photos from the first week of harvest.

And I've had these pictures for a few months. The sky one evening was a really weird but pretty shade of purple. These photos are un-edited. I did not mess with the colors!

Have a nice week!

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  1. LOL I love it...mamas are the glue that keep family together!! If the kids were not screaming in the morning, I would be worried!


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